I'm Gabriel Allred

Researcher, Entrepreneur, Consultant

Cognitive Psychology Ph.D.

About Me
About Me

Greetings!  I’m Dr. Gabriel Allred.  I have a PhD in cognitive psychology, with research emphases in behavioral economics, executive function, the cognitive processes surrounding arithmetic, decision making, and embodied cognition.  I’ve presented at numerous conferences, and held research positions for non-profit organizations and the United States Air Force.  Additionally, I have built several successful companies, currently building Web 3 Products with MetaWizards – producing audiovisual NFTs and metaverse experiences.  Previously I was cofounder of Multichain Ventures, a financial technology and blockchain centered startup where I also served as chief communications officer.

  • Location: Remote
  • Consulting: Available
  • E-mail: gabrielallred at gmail.com
Professional Experience
2016 - Feb. 2020
Cofounder & Chief Communications Officer - Multichain Ventures

Multichain Ventures produces a number of blockchain focused products and services for payment processing, supply chain visibility, and DevOps infrastructure.  As CCO, I produced the companies internal & external documentation, responded to RFPs, applied for technology grants, produced marketing copy and strategy, and engaged with lawmakers and state appointed officials for government affairs and outreach.

2014 - 2017
Instructor - University of Nevada Las Vegas

Instructed several undergraduate courses including Cognitive Psychology, Research Methods in Psychology, and Introduction to Psychology.

Researcher - Air Force Research Lab 711th Human Performance Wing

Conducted applied research for the Human Performance Wing of the Air Force Research Labs at Wright Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton, OH.  Research included multiple studies applied to intelligence analyst performance and workflows (e.g., human factoring and UI/UX)

Research Assistant - The Nevada Institute for Children’s Research and Policy

Wrote and prepared statewide reports on childhood health factors that influenced public policy and legislation protecting children.  Designed, screened, and analyzed large sets of survey data (N > 10,000).

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Ph.D. in Psychology – Experimental – Cognitive Emphasis

Dissertation:  “Examining the Influence of Executive Resources and Mathematical Abilities on Framing Biases”

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Masters in Psychology – Experimental – Cognitive Emphasis

Thesis: “Hands, and Numbers, and Dots, Oh My! Examining the Effect of Nearby-hands on Counting and Subitizing”


Inferential statistics, exploratory analysis, multilevel modeling & SEM, multivariate statistics, with experience in SPSS, R, Stata, Qualtrics, Tableau, and Mechanical Turk.


Research reports, technical documentation, grants, RFP responses, and press releases.

Research Design

Research design, data collection, statistical approach, and analysis; primarily in the behavioral sciences

Public Speaking

Conferences, seminars, classrooms.

Presentations / Decks

From academic presentations to startup pitch decks with an emphasis on data visualization.

Project Management and Strategy

Project Management, software or enterprise needs, can manage your team or implement a framework for success (e.g., agile, kanban, etc.)

  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Blockchain
  • Grants and RFPs
  • Statistics (SPSS, R, Tableau)
  • Web Marketing
  • Project Management
  • Technical Document Creation
  • Brand Development
  • Behavioral Economics
  • Research Design
Selected Works / Projects
Various Research

Road bikes primarily.


Sleight of hand, cardistry.


DJ since the early 00’s.


gabrielallred at gmail.com